Jan Dingle - Artist, Etchings, Norfolk Broads

Landscape Art - Fields and Fens

Landscape Etching Artwork - Morning Pastures
Morning Pastures

Landscape Etchings by Jan Dingle
Harvest Head

July Fen - Landscape Etching - Jan Dingle
July Fen
How Hill - Ludham, Norfolk - Landscape Artwork
House on How Hill
St Benets Abbey - Abbey Pastures - Landscape Artwork by Jan Dingle
Abbey Pastures

Quiet Tracks - Original Landscape Echings by Jan Dingle
Quiet Tracks
Reedcutter's Harvest - Jan Dingle Original Etchings Artwork for sale
Sedgy Stream
Sedgy Stream
Sedgy Pond - Landscape Artwork by Jan Dingle
Sedgy Pond
Some of the etchings of fields, fens and meadows
Jan Has produced.

Morning Pastures, Harvest Head and July Fen:

Image size:
5.5" x 6.5" (133 x 165mm)

Paper size:
10" x 11.5" (272 x 285mm)

Edition size:
150 + 10% A/P

Abbey Pastures and House on How Hill:

Image size:
8.5" x 11" ( 215 x 270mm)

Paper size:
15" x 17" (380 x 415mm)

Edition size:
75 + 110% Artist's Proofs

Quiet Tracks & Reedcutter's Harvest

Image Size:
7" x 6.1" (170 x 155mm)

Paper size:
13" x 10.5" (322 x 260mm)

Sedgy Pond & Sedgy Stream

Image size:
7.5" x 5.75" (190 x 146mm)

Paper size:
13.5" x 9.75" (350 x 255mm)
Please remember, etchings are very fine works of art that cannot be fully reproduced in any medium
All images Copyright Jan Dingle. All rights reserved.