Jan Dingle - Artist, Etchings, Norfolk Broads

Sailing Boat Etchings - Original Artwork

Etching - Still Sails - Jan Dingle
Still Sails
Sailing Board Art - Jan Dingle
Sailing Boat Artwork - Jan Dingle Etchings
Free Breeze
Free Time - Sailing Boat Artwork Etchings
Free Time

Sailing Boat Artwork - Jan Dingle
Free Way
Etching - Still Drift - Jan Dingle
Still Drift
Still Racing - Sailing Boat Pictures - Jan Dingle
Still Racing

Etching - Still Gybe - Jan Dingle
Still Gybe
Etching - The Wherry, Albion - Jan Dingle
Etching - Still Turning - Jan Dingle
Still Turning
A series of small sailing boat images.

All the images are approximately:

Image size:
3.25" x 2.75" (78 x 62mm)

Paper size:
7.5 x 6.25" (198 x 156mm)

Edition size:
180 + 10% Artist Proofs
Please remember, etchings are very fine works of art that cannot be fully reproduced in any medium
All images Copyright Jan Dingle. All rights reserved.